Monday, April 11, 2011

With this Ring

You Guys, it's official, we are really, truly getting married. Or at least we better be. . .because we have rings!

{Personal Photo, Glad Nate always has his iPhone handy!}
You can't see them in this photo, but I have a row of diamonds along the top, but the side detail is my absolute favorite! At size 4 and 1/4, my ring is too tiny to engrave much on the inside, but they did manage to squeeze the date on the inside. Nate was able to engrave much more, including the title to our first dance:

Charleston 5.1.11 "You & Me"

I know this sounds weird to say, but I think I love Nate's band more than my own. Perhaps because it says to the world "Hey! he's mine!" or perhaps because I can't wait to slide it on his finger. Either way, we are so excited to have them in our hands! Now we just have to avoid the temptation to wear them around the house. What? I need to make sure it really really fits . . .

On a side note: 20 days. . . . well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!


  1. Beautiful ring! I wore my ring so much before the wedding that my mother-in-law took it from me and hid it until the actual day ;)

    I can't believe your wedding is getting so close! I remember Lexi telling me all about the plans you had even before you were engaged, and now it's so close to actually all being here!

    Congrats! Hope the next 20 days go by really fast for you!

  2. The side detailing on your ring is beautiful!!

  3. Laura - haha I can see her doing that!

    Heather - aww thanks! I love how antique it looks