Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Invites Revealed!

Now that the RSVPs are all back in, I figured it was safe to reveal the invites without ruining the surprise. Let's get to the pretty paper eye candy shall we?
Well, hold on a minute, you might need a little background. Initially, I had my heart set on letterpress invitations. I loved the texture and the elegance of a simple letterpress invitation.

{One of my favorites, "Meeting Street" from Delphine Press}
We even found Daniel and Allison of Ink Meets Paper, a great new letterpress studio in Charleston that is currently run out of their home. They are such a great couple (albeit with a grumpy kitty) who invited us to their home for some coffee and a tour of the studio. It was so cool to see how the letterpress actually works and to hear the story of how they aqcuired theirs.

Sadly, I had to stay true to my priority list, and realized that, although I loved pretty paper as much as the next gal, it just wasn't one of the items that our already limited budget would allow us to splurge on. so we said goodbye to letterpress and went the more economical printing route. With no design skills to speak of, and no idea how to use illustrator, indesign, or any of those other crazy good but crazy hard to learn programs, I had to turn to the experts.

Our planner, Sara with Southern Protocol, pointed us in the direction of Studio R, and I am so glad we decided to work with them! The end results speak for themselves, AND we saved a hundreds of dollars by going the printing route. Honestly, I think I may even like it more than letterpress . . .

{Our invitation suite, all put together!}
{The assembly line, complete with hot cocoa!}
Aaaaaannnnd this is when I got lazy with the picture taking. Guess you'll have to see the lovely invite details after the wedding! (Blogger FAIL, I know, I never remember to take pictures!)

Did you go the letterpress or printing route? Or perhaps you are one of the few, the proud, the brave, who made the invites yourself?


  1. Beautiful! I love the flourishes and the tiny key charm!

  2. Gorgeous, lady! Just gorgeous.

  3. wow!! i can't wait to see them all together, but from what I see so far, they are gorgeeeous! I LOVE them! How neat you got to tour the letterpress place too!