Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do Me a Favor

I would like to interrupt the never ending saga of finding a venue to talk about something that was one of my first big wedding ideas; and one that I am beyond excited about. Wedding guests, this one is for you, cause I'm talking about favors.

I knew of the typical wedding favors: the bubbles, the monogrammed tea candle, the personalized mint tins

 I am all for minty breath and cute candles, but these ideas just weren't. . . us. I imagined something either useful or tasteful for our guests. Not tasteful as in "woah so tacky", but tasteful as in "oh yumo that's so good".

Lightbulb moments are my favorite, and I have them often. I will be thinking about something completely unrelated to the topic at hand, then WHAM, brilliant idea!

Marrying (pun totally intended) our love of food and sipping hot drinks during the cold months, I devised a favor that represents Nate and I to a tee (ha, see! I did it again).


My grandmother has the most delicious tea cookie recipe that I plan on using to bake up some edible  favors for our guests. The cookies will be shaped like so

I think I am going to try my hand at royal icing to give the cookies an extra special touch. What goes best with tea cookies? Why, tea of course! We will probably choose an earl grey variety or a black tea variety and package two tea bags with a few cookies.

It would seem that the experience of opening a wedding favor is much like opening a present; there is anticipation involved. Who doesn't love opening a box all wrapped up cute? This is one of the most obvious ways  we will be showing our guests how much we appreciate them for being there for our special day, I want to take the time and do some beautiful packaging. Perhaps some cute boxes all wrapped up with a pretty ribbon? Or perhaps some adorable patterned favor boxes such as these from Jane over at Olive Hue Paper Goods

{Lovely Photo from here}
 I found some olive green ribbon at the dollar bin at Michaels. If I can find some wrapping paper that I love I think we will be all set! I can premeasure and cut the ribbon and paper ahead of time to cut down on the last minute push. Since I can't bake the cookies until the week of (any volunteers for assistant baker?) you will have to wait and see how it all turns out!

I am hoping that by making the gifts both practical and personal, our guests will appreciate and enjoy this little labor of love. Perhaps a little midnight snack when they get back to their hotel room?

Since I'm a novice, any tips out there for applying royal icing? I hear it's tricky.


  1. That's a great idea!!! Especially about the opening the box like a gift! You are so right about the fun of opening a present! Ah I want your wedding to come and then see pictures right away on facebook so that I can see all your great ideas come to life. I feel like it's going to be the type of wedding that is featured on The Knot!

  2. I'm so excited that you chose to make cookies! May I suggest a "trial run" where I will happily take up the cookie tasting duties (someone's got to do it!)? :>

  3. You seriously need to contact your royal icing and cake baker extraordinaire, Rachel Bishop! (Try facebook or email or phone) I think she can give you some royal icing hints fer sure. (Rachel, not Rachael)

    Your occasionally present,
    Uncle Steve