Monday, October 18, 2010

Searching for our piece of "I do" turf: Part Three

Remember here where we started our search in the great state of NC? Then we started looking here for the perfect place in my home state of GA. To summarize: I struck out both times. I was learning though! Learning what it was we were really looking for in a venue. We discovered that we wanted: historic, in the city, not all inclusive, and budget friendly.

A few weeks later, I was sitting on my computer, sifting through old photos from college and past trips. Scrolling through the thousands of pics, I came across a trip my parents and I had taken back when I was in high school to Charleston, SC. It was such a wonderful weekend, the beautiful lantern lined streets, the top notch dining options, and the beautiful views of the river and the marsh. As I reminisced, it hit me. This was it. This was where we would get married.

Historic? Most definitely

Non inclusive? Of course, we could choose from an array of options and our guests would have plenty to do.
{Charleston Sunset}

Budget friendly? If we played our cards right, we could make it happen.

As soon as I mentioned the idea to Nate, he was completely on board and loved the idea. Good thing as I was running out of ideas; not kidding. Deciding on the city was the hard part, choosing a venue in this amazing city was incredibly and surprisingly easy. With the help of an amazing wedding planning duo (more on that later!) we were able to set up a weekend to travel to Charleston and choose the ideal venue. It only took two places, (shocking I know!), yep only two venues to decide where our wedding would be held.

Stop numero uno: The River house at Lowndes Grove

This place was gorgeous, so I will let the pictures do the talking (all taken by my amazing assistant with his superior iphone skills and detailed note taking at each stop. . . that's you Nate)

They were actually setting up for a wedding when we arrived; it was great to see how they were dividing up the space into dining, dancing and the mud wrestling pit. . .just seeing if you were paying attention.

The River House

Inside the River House

Check out that awesome dance floor!

The View! (Saved the best for last)
 The ceremony would take place outside, with everyone looking out towards this breathtaking view of the river. Then dinner and dancing would move to the inside and brick patio area. My parents (who came along to offer advice and errmm, financial support) Nate, and I all agreed, this place was pretty and would definitely work for the feel we were going for. Was it the one? We just weren't sure. We decided to look at the two other sites on our schedule for the day; in the cars we piled; down the road we went.

Our next venue option sealed the deal. It had charm, uniqueness, and was just oozing with history.

FINALLY! Our piece of I do turf. Oh you want to see pics? Well alright . . .

29 Montagu St

This early 1800's private residence gem actually fell in our laps because our awesome planner knows the owners of the house. It is right in the middle of the downtown historic district, walking distance to all the best hotels and restaurants, and completely within out budget. The best part? Well duh, did you see the pictures?! It's so so purdy. I just want to kick back in one of the porch chairs with my mint julip and shout "I do declare!" for no apparent reason.

After we saw this place, we only looked at the third venue for about 5 minutes, because truthfully, we had already made up our minds.

Ceremony on the lawn, cocktails on the porches, and getting down on the dance floor under the stars. I'm zipping my lips now about the venue, you'll have to wait to get all the details!

Did you ever struggle with a decision only to have the right answer reveal itself in it's own good time?

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  1. Yay! It is SO beautiful!!!! Congrats on finding the perfect place! Ahhh I cannot wait to see pictures!!! It's going to be breathtaking!!