Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For the Technology defunct

You are not alone.

Back in 2006, when this new-fangled thing called Twitter was launched, most people had no idea what it was, and those that did were convinced it was just a fad. After all, no one cares about each other's lives enough to hear about updates every 5 minutes. . .right? RIGHT?!

For five years now, I have held fast to that conviction, holding my ground like the fated soldiers at the Alamo. I could see for months now that doom was imminent, but at this point in the game, why admit defeat?

The result, the booming world of  Twitter got bigger than big and left this blogger in the dust. I have no idea what any of the tweets mean (#bigworldofbananas I'm looking at you #Johnny john). . .ummm what?! I did not hop on the bandwagon initially and now feel totally out of the loop and feel like I'm missing some huge aspect of today's social networking. "Follow me on Twitter!" All my fellow bloggers say. Um, sorry, can't follow, don't even know how to sign up for a damn account.

So tell me, social media savvy friends, if I'm still a Twitter Virgin, what's the best way to pop the tweet cherry and get into this oh-so-confusing world of knowing everyone's every move, all the time?

And if you dare, what the heck is Pintinterest?!!!


  1. hahaha you and me both, kaite.

  2. i'm right there with you! i seriously don't know why i need twitter when i have fb and a blog... one more thing do keep up with?? i just don't "get" the difference other than following along with celebs- but when that...i get my hollywood fill when I read People on the beach.

  3. hahaha...oh I can totally relate. Twitter could die a slow, horrible death and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. At this point I wish it would so that I can be the one who has been right all along. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a super addictive virtual pin board. Unless you are looking for a time suck, don't sign up for that!

  4. Lol! Well, it's kind of like a rolling chat room, so you have real time conversations with fellow bloggers (or anyone, really) but are limited to 140 characters per tweet. So, you just post a ... and continue the convo in another tweet. It's not merely listing a status update that no one can comment on, which is what I thought it was initially. It's also a GREAT way to network, find jobs, spread word about anything and everything (Operation Layla was hugely successful because of Twitter). I tried it once, hated it (because I didn't know anyone else on it), deleted it, then tried it again later and now I'm hooked. It is sort of (very) addictive, though. And Pinterest is kind of like a virtual bulletin board. You can "pin" a photo of something from a blog, online catalog, website, Flickr, etc and save it in whatever board you create for it (home, clothes, kids, etc) and when you click on the photo in your Pinterest, it will take you back to the original website, which is very handy if it's for DIY's. I would have LOVED to have Pinterest when I was planning my wedding, instead of saving everything in folders on my desktop and forgetting what website I found them on!

  5. Twitterrrr! Love it. I barely ever use Facebook anymore, because all of my convos happen on Twitter. And I snagged my new community manager position after seeing a tweet about as Layla said - it is good for networking and jobs too (aside from being social)!

    I don't really follow celebrities much...if you join twitter and are looking for who to follow, I'd take a look at the "following" lists of people you know. That, and start following the Twitter accts of bloggers that you read regularly. I'm constantly finding new people to follow!

  6. Totally with you, never got info twitter. I do facebook because i inderstand it. Best way to get started is to create atwitter account and link to your facebook account. Any facebook post you make will go ont twitter automatically. After a year you'll probably have followers. From engagement rings Dublin

  7. Layla: Haha I took the plunge and signed up for an account. Now if I can just figure out the chat features as well as the # and @ stuff!

    Katie: Well I'm now following you on twitter, so that's a start right? haha

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  9. Twitter is a great way to connect with people quickly and easily. No messy wall posts or friendship requests or long novels written on walls, just short and succinct tweets! The @ is for when you want to reference or talk to someone. Kinda like writing on someone's wall on Facebook. The # (aka hashtags) are fun topics that anyone on twitter can use and search for :)

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