Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea for Two!

I didn't get to share with you before the wedding, but remember my idea way back when about the favors for our lovely guests? Well I hate to brag, but I'm gonna! Cause our favors turned out so cute!

Since my Mimi (does anyone else call their grandmother Mimi?) was baking all of the cookies for the favors and wasn't able to come into town until the day before the wedding, the actual assembly didn't take place until the night before the big day! My mom later told me that she, my grandmother, even my grandfather and step-dad all formed a "favor assembly line" in their hotel room at about 11pm Saturday night. Cookies were stuffed, ribbons tied, and when I saw the cute stack of "tea for two" favors on our guest book table the next day, I couldn't have been more grateful to my family for making it happen.

Here's a quick rundown on how the boxes were assembled:

1. Fill the 4x4x4 favor box with a little crinkle paper fill (must cushion the yummy cookies so they don't break!)

2. Using some candy poly bags that I purchased from Bags and Bows, 3 cookies from my Mimi's famous recipe were placed into the box.

3. Followed by a pair of Earl Grey tea bags (which we found to be surprisingly inexpensive!)

4. I can't really call this an actual step, because do to the last minute craziness at the rehearsal, they never made it into the box, but what was GOING to go in next was a little 3x 3 card that said:

"Please enjoy this tea for two, 
with cookies lovingly made by Katie's grandmother, 'grandma's name', 
as our way of saying thank you for being a part of our special day!"

Sigh. . . sadly this never made it into the boxes, and I feel terrible because I feel like my Mimi didn't get credit for all of her hard work. I was sure to thank her over and over for making them though! Nate and I are still munching on the leftovers! (They keep for a long time, trust me).

5. Finally, the box is sealed and tied with a cute ribbon and "Tea for Two" tag, which I made using a small craft punch. I nixed the wrapping paper idea due to cost and the sheer amount of time it would have taken to wrap them the night before. If I had the cookies ahead of time, I probably would have included the paper. 

The favors were certainly nothing earth shatteringly brilliant, but they were just perfect for our intimate affair and we received many compliments from guests! I am just glad that I was able to include some family tradition into our wedding, even in small little ways.

What do you think? Did my vision translate into reality? Or am I just speaking a different language altogether?

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