Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top Model: Koala Style

I've ventured into the world of modeling. Oh, you say you didn't know that?

Funny, I wasn't aware of it either . . .

Another day at work, same drudgery, nothing new, until I receive a text from Sara, our wedding planner angel.

"OMG, I just died! Why didn't you tell me you were going to be in the ad?!"

Cue quizzical look from me. I ask to see a pic of her source of excitement. Soon, I get an e-mail from her in my inbox, attached is this:

Thank goodness I wasn't driving or operating machinery. An accident would have surely ensued.

That's me.

In an Ad.

In a National Magazine.

That thousands of people will read.


The minute the fall issue of Weddings Unveiled hits newsstands here in the ATL, the Barnes and Noble near our apartment is going to find themselves emptied of every copy they have.

Cause I'm buying every one!!! Wawhooooo!

(If you're wondering how I ended up in an ad that I didn't know anything about, I'll sum it up by saying that my photogs sent the photo to the director of Modern Trousseau in NYC at his request, and the rest is pretty clear!)

Until the print version arrives, I'll have to be satisfied with looking at the magazine's digital version HERE. I'm on Page 12-13!

Nathan had the wonderful idea of framing the pages and displaying it in our home. I think it would be great to have another fun memento from our wedding.

Anything crazy ever happened like this to you?


  1. That's amazing, Katie! They couldn't have found a better model if they had paid for one! =) Congrats!

  2. omg that's amaaazing! congrats!! you look beautiful!

  3. that is amazing! you look gorgeous!!

    i hesitate to even say this because this is obviously SUPER exciting & anyone in their right mind would be THRILLED...but i have to ask.... is there any part of you that wishes your photographer had asked you first? maybe i'm not understanding the whole story but what your image was used for something you didn't want? I know we all sign consents but this is the first time I've heard of a bride showing up in a national publication unbeknownst to her. Madame Trousseau could potentially get a lot of business from this ad... do you know if you or your photographer are being compensated in anyway?

  4. Sara - to be honest, it definitely did bother me about the way I found out about things. My photographers did get compensated for the photo, I, however, did not. Some part of me still feels like I was a little taken advantage of. I don't neccessarily blame my photographers though. I am the one who put them in contact with modern trousseau. But it was not made clear to me that the photos that the designer wanted were going to be used for advertising purposes, and that part continues to frustrate me. Not much I can do about it though, so I am just focusing on the exciting part and letting the rest go!