Thursday, March 3, 2011

60 Days! And a Reason to Celebrate

Yesterday, I had two reasons for celebration, not only did we hit the 60 day mark until the wedding (eeeekkk, can hardly believe it!) but I also turned the ripe old age of 24 (well not quite ripe, but well on the way it feels like).

So Happy Birthday to Me!

Good things that happened on my Birthday

  1. I received lots of texts, phone calls, and facebook love from friends and family. Loved all of the birthday wishes!
  2. We got a new Furbaby this weekend! Everyone say hi to McKenzie, or Mac, or Mac Attack :)
{Hello Everyone! I am the cuddle-meister, prepare yourselves}

3. Nate took me on a wonderful birthday dinner to one of my favorite restaurants; Season's 52! everything on the menu is less than 500 calories, and the food is fresh and amazing!
We both decided to order seafood, as Atlanta is not exactly known for it's great seafood places. We try to order fresh fish whenever we have the opportunity!

{Rasberry Tea-Tini with Firefly sweet tea vodka, pure deliciousness}
Nate ordered the rainbow trout with mixed vegetables. The flavor was fantastic and had a great smoked taste to it.

I went for the fish of the day, the grilled Mahi Mahi, served over Shrimp Risotto and vegetables

Was it good?

umm, yep I'd say it was pretty yummy!

If you haven't been to Season's 52 before, put it on your bucket list!

{gratuitous car iphone shot, because we always forget to do it when someone is actually around}

To cap off the evening, Nate had thoughtfully brought home some yumminess from my favorite sweet shop in town, Gigi's Cupcakes!

{Strawberry Cream, Baileys with Almonds, Sweet Potato on top, and wedding cake!}
Yep, I stuffed my face with cupcake in my PJs, moaning and muttering between mouthfuls about how delicious they were. Nate knows the way to my heart. . . food, and lot's of it.
As much as I love these cupcakes, there was no way we could eat all of them last night, I feel a mid-afternoon cupcake snack coming on. . .

What's been giving you reason to celebrate lately? Something big? Or perhaps you're just joyful about the weather?


  1. Looks like yall had a great time! Glad you had a good birthday! =)

  2. Happy belated birthday!!!

    These next 60 days will FLY by!

  3. A restaurant where everything is 500 calories or less?!?!? They should have these on EVERY street corner. Happy Birthday!!!!