Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Hair Affair

Romantic, textured, soft, and feminine. All words I would use to describe the "wedding day do" that I am hoping to achieve.
I could write paragraphs trying to describe this look, but don't pictures say it so much better?

{Via Joey and Jessica Weddings}

{Hello Jessica B, you look better as a brunette}

{And Jessica A, Don't change a thing!}

{Via Joey and Jessica Weddings}

{Loose hairstyle Yes, Edwardian Gothic collar most definitely No}

{Somebody help me Source this thing! bad Blogger, bad!}

{Jane from Pride and Prejudice}

{ via 100 layer Cake}
See? My somewhat ambiguous descriptors make total sense now, right? right?

I have been trying so very hard to grow my hair out so that the stylist can achieve this look.

Check out me at the beginning of last year in the first pic from this post. Short chin length bob! Definitely will NOT work for my wedding day look.

How far have I come in 1 year?

{Yay fuzzy Facebook Pic!}
That will work!!! In fact, I'm really getting used to having long hair. It's fun, and I can do so much with it.

It was rather serendipitous how I came across the stylist for our wedding. Remember the wedding that I gushed about here? You know, the one where I knew I had found our perfect photographer? Notice how two of my inspiration pics above are from that very same wedding? I wanted that hair! It was perfect.

I immediately e-mailed the stylist, Tanesha, owner of Affair Hair, and asked for a price quote. In short, Tanesha is so sweet, her prices were right in our budget, and her portfolio was incredibly impressive.

I'm going out on a leap of faith here. Since our wedding is over 5 hours away from where we live, I'm not even sure if I will be able to have a hair trial. Perhaps one the week of, but definitely not before. If nothing else, I'm going to bring all of the above pics with me the day of the wedding and let her work her magic. I completely trust Tanesha and know that she will be able to bring my vision to life.

Now if I can just get my hair to keep its curl longer than an hour, we will be in business. . .


  1. Oh my gosh, my sister wanted that Jane hair style for her wedding and we couldn't find a good picture of it! Love your choices!

  2. Laura, that picture of her was sooo hard to find! Even then it's not a great quality one haha.