Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Um. . hello? Is this thing on?

SCREEECH! Ok it's working now. Can everyone hear me loud and clear? Cause here I am, the girl who swore that she would never be one of those "blogger" people, writing my very first, very scary post. Why scary? Cause, if you think about it, a blog is a lot like a diary. It's a collection of ideas thoughts and, yes, even those scary confessions that are normally reserved for YOUR brain and YOUR eyes only. Now, I have swallowed the crazy pill and decided that I too am going to broadcast my imperfections. . err. . .lovely ideas and thoughts to the world.

On to the introductions, cause that's what you really want to know right?
Oh yeah, and why on earth I decided to write this blog. First the short explanation:

Me, him, wedding, planning the whole thing, craziness

ok ok, now if you actually want details:

Well hello there!
I decided that it was imperative that I chronicle my current and upcoming wedding planning adventures. Why? well because A) it's pretty funny to watch me go into a tizzy about napkins (more on that later) and B) I want people to be involved in our wedding, and part of being involved is knowing what goes into a labor of love such as this.

I've been asked by several people as to why I didn't go to school to become an event planner. It truly is something that I love, love, love to do. I am a details person, and anyone who knows me knows that I swear by the almighty checklist. I enjoy using my creative vision to make all the moving parts come together into one big bowl of awesomeness. At the time though, I simply thought, "so much fun, but so not practical", and ultimately decided to major in finance. Well, being a finance major apparently worked out quite well for this gal, because that is how I met my soon to be hubby, Nathan. Everyone wave hi to Nate!!

the soon to be hubs (wow that sounds weird!)
In the fall of 2006 I was in my sophomore year at Elon University and well into full swing with classes and my two part time jobs when I decided to on a whim one night to attend a recruiting event for the campus business fraternity. Best decision EVA!!!! During the introductory meeting, I kept noticing this really cute guy sitting down the table from me. The whole paying attention to the rules about recruitment thing was going in one ear and out the other. I was too busy thinking, "Dang it!! why didn't I wear a cuter outfit?!" and "hmm I wonder if I can subtly find out if he is planning on going through recruitment?"

Turns out I wasn't the only one noticing people that night. When asked what first caught his attention he promptly responds, "your butt, such a great butt" (cue feigned shocked expression from me). Recovering quickly, he adds, "oh and your beautiful blue eyes!" Much better sweetie, much better. . .

Us on our first official date on Halloween (I was a pizza delivery girl, he was a douche bag). And YES I still decided to date him even after that costume.

College years are turbulent years. We cared about each other a lot, and like grew to love very quickly, but both of us needed to grow up a bit. We broke up and got back together several times while I was still in college (him being a year ahead). It took thousands of miles of distance while I studied abroad in Austria for both of us to realize that, for better or for worse, we were meant to be together.

What was the evolution of your love story like? did you fall in love quickly? Or did it take a while for your love flower to bloom? Gag, I know. . .humor me.

Up next: Why on earth I decided to blog about planning our wedding


  1. Aha...I figured I'd see a blog from you pop up soon ;)

    I mean, I guess I'm biased because I have been crazy enough to purchase my own domain and maintain my own website...but blogging is not crazy. Just you wait and see...I have made so many connections and learned about new things by being a blogger. Gotta keep up with the times, I say!

    Excited to hear about your wedding plans...enjoy the will go by fast!

  2. Thanks Katie! I viewed your blog as an inspiration of sorts and definitely enjoyed reading your posts before and during your time as a bee! Feel free to pass along any seasoned blogger words of wisdom! BTW the wedding was beautiful!

  3. I love it, I'm so excited to be able to keep up with the wedding planning via your blog!! Can't wait to hear more!